About cast Iron utility covers

You could say this is an attempt to create the most boring web page ever.

Who thinks about cast iron utility covers, I didn’t till I got a dog. I then spent hours walking the streets while the dog stopped to sniff this and that. While doing that I started to notice them and the huge variation in design.

They last for ever so now and again you come across some that may be 100 years old or more and are made by companies that are long gone. They just sit there unnoticed doing their job and a little piece of our industrial history.

Who amongst us stops to look at them? Who ever records their being? Who will notice when they have gone? I will probably do this for year or so then move on to some other photographic project. I like having projects on the go.

It is no trouble to photograph them to leave a record of their being. All the photographs on these pages were taken by me.


August MMXV


2 responses to “About cast Iron utility covers

    • I am happy that you copy what you like, I can upload photos to you if you want.
      This started as a joke, I once said that you could put anything on the internet and someone would be interested in the end. So it proved to be true. I am not fanatical about it, I just keep my eyes open as I walk about. I would start a Flickr account but I run three already, may be I will.


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